Special Blanket Offer from an Angel Mom

***Special offer from an Angel Mom***12625867_960574777366146_120645521_n

This sweet mama is offering to make blankets for those who have lost a baby. She writes, “I would try to make it according the size their child would use, so I would need to know how many weeks along they were [at the time of loss]. I would do this on a first come, first serve basis with a waiting list. The blanket could be framed with an ultrasound photo or kept in another way the parent feels comfortable with. I welcome special requests regarding blankets.”

Isn’t this incredible? Thank you so much for offering this special service of healing, Rhiannon! You are a blessing!

To request a blanket, please click this link and follow the instructions:  https://www.facebook.com/loreleislegacy/photos/a.1417889318423631.1073741828.1416853325193897/1701760466703180/?type=3&theater

~~Rhiannon is offering this as a free service, but donations are welcome to cover the cost of materials. Donations can be sent via PayPal to rhiannonwelton@gmail.com ~~

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